International Visitors

Each year, UBC’s Okanagan campus welcomes delegations of international dignitaries and prominent scholars.

These guests may be visiting to give lectures, participate in conferences, meet with UBC administration or visit with our research teams.

The Okanagan Campus International Office hosts and coordinates certain visits. These often involve representatives of universities and institutions who wish to build partnerships with UBC. To coordinate an institutional visit to UBC, please complete the Visitor Request Form.

If you are interested in hosting a visitor to engage with the campus community and share their research expertise, see the Invited International Distinguished Visitor Fund, which provides up to $5,000 in funding for two international visits per year.

Hosting visiting professors, scientists and scholars is generally coordinated at the faculty or departmental level. See additional information for hosting an international visitor.

For more information about visiting UBC please contact Raina Reddeclif @ Please also ensure you have completed the Visitor Request Form.